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The Che Group company brings high quality alcoholic beverages to Finland. Like French wines, which until now were not available in Finnish shops and restaurants, and high-quality Russian vodka. We are a young growing company, but our partners in France and Russia have been experienced manufacturers in the market for decades.

The wines that our company represents in Finland have a rich history. One of the vineyards began operating in 1832, others are soon a hundred years old. In our selection, all are wines from the French province of Bordeaux, whose cultivated countries develop into the finest French products that are considered the standard of wine worldwide. The wines featured on our sites have high prizes in prestigious wine competitions, proving their quality and high taste indexes.

BAIKAL vodka is made at the Ulyanovsk plant in the purest water of Lake Baikal. The deepest lake in the world is located in eastern Russia and its oxygenated water is considered a natural antioxidant and a natural biostimulant. The water of Lake Baikal is picked up at a depth of 500 meters where the water is extremely clean as it is not exposed to microorganisms. The water is delivered in certified sterile water transport containers under strict thermal conditions. Products from the city of Ulyanovsk are exported worldwide, in addition to Finland, BAIKAL vodka is sold in other European countries and on the American continent.


For more information about purchasing beverages, please contact our company's sales department:

By phone: +358 46 812 3481

By e-mail: myynti@chegroup.fi


Che Group Oy has warehouses in Helsinki and Turku.

Alcohol retail license

Che Group Oy Wholesale License No. 45063869

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